Apple Credit Card

There are starting to be tons of big problems with Apple these days. From their iTunes accounts to now their Apple Credit Card, there is just a flood of complaints from many unsatisfied customers. Sometimes though, complaints are actually unjustified. For example, you are looking for how to apply for the Apple Credit Card, right? Well, you have probably poured through all kinds of material on the internet looking for that information. Now, we have to unfortunately tell you that there isn't even an Apple Credit Card. Yes, there actually has never even been an Apple Credit Card that existed. Also, the phrase “Apple Credit Card” was actually started by some customers who have just pretty much coined the phrase "Apple Credit Card".

Sad to say, but the Apple Corporation seems to be taking a bad rap on this and the real card that people are thinking of actually doesn't even come from them. The card that we believe people are referring to is actually a card offered by the Barclay's company. They have a card that actually has a feature that gives their customers rewards on iTunes and they don't even use the iTunes logo on their card. However, on the side of the consumers, we do totally understand why they are calling this the Apple Credit Card. After all even though you are going through Barclay's to get to the card, when you want to apply, the actual application is found on the Apple store. It can be quite confusing to say the least. But it is very possible that the Barclay's supplies the card to promote iTunes, does it through the iTunes store, and iTunes not be directly involved or linked really with that card.


The actual name of the card for your future reference is the Barclaycard Financing Visa Card. For now, we will stick with calling it the Apple Credit Card just because we know people are more likely still calling it as such. This card is actually a nice little addition to being able to finance your purchases on things you get through the Apple store. It's really like you are getting to be able to have some additional benefits of being an avid Apple product user. Here is a quick rundown of what you actually get when you are going to have the "Apple Credit Card":

6 months financing on the things that you are purchasing through iTunes.

The way to avail this financing option, your purchases must be below the $499 mark. This as well as all of their financing options comes with zero interest as long as you make the payment in full by the six month period. We also believe there is probably a minimum purchase amount though they don't advertise it.

12 months financing option on the things you are purchasing through iTunes.

You will get this option also at zero percent interest if your purchase is between $499 and $1598.

18 months financing option on the things you are purchasing through iTunes.

This option applies when your purchases come to $1599 and above.


So there you have the real deal on the infamous "Apple Credit Card". We aren't really sure who purchases that much music through iTunes or any online music outlet for that matter. However, there must be many people who are going to use the Apple Credit Card or else there wouldn't be a need for it, right? If you need to apply for the card or login to your account, you can do so at the links we have provided at the top right-hand side of this page.